Istanbul, Turkey

  Sacred/Public Space & Light May 2012   I have such fond memories of this city, its friendly faces, public spaces, and the sea. The Islamic Architecture sang to me of divine holy expressions in silent sacred spaces. When I visited the first time, my eyes were newly opened to the eternal play and performance … Continue reading Istanbul, Turkey

My Story

Originally Published June 23 at 5:05 PM I'm working up to some big shares about my professional work. But before I do, it's gonna get pretty personal first, so that you can fully appreciate the applications and implications of my work. I've been aware for some years that my spiritual growth is inextricably related to my service … Continue reading My Story

Our Current Paradigm, By Design

New kinds of design teams working on global and urban sustainability are challenging the notion that development solutions must come from professionals. Sanadora Collaborativa is one of them, an international collective of experts on architecture, planning, urban development and policy-making that takes an ecofeminist, public-health driven approach to building and uplifting communities to achieve sustainable habits of growth in Latin America by 2030. In this way, communities begin to view themselves as holding the answers to their own problems rather than looking externally for professional help. We focus on building capacity to develop resiliency within indigenous villages, neighborhoods, and cities. Click the image to continue reading.