Deep Design: Architecture for a New Earth

Spring 2020, things fell apart just a few days before I was scheduled to do this interview for a conference called Awakening Utopia. The world stopped and shut down in reaction to the viral outbreak of a deadly disease known as COVID-19, and the conference became about something much more real, Emergence and Empowerment in an Age of Uncertainty.

I have spent quarantine at the Julia and David White Artist Colony, a natural paradise and creative haven. Since my regenerative tourism business has been shut down, I had the opportunity to speak at a number of global conferences about my practice of New Earth architecture and design.

Architecture is an art we can use as a society to make the pivot in consciousness being called for at this time.

Watch this interview to see my take on what kind of architecture and design is asking to emerge as a response to these uncertain times.

Revolutionary action is required not just socially, but environmentally, too. Instead of separating us, what if our cities and towns brought us together? What would a world be like in which buildings connected us to the Earth and each other? Could this help us avoid climate catastrophe and improve our health as a sustainable planetary society?

Watch the interview to find out this and other information about Deep Design and Ensoulment.

Click below to visit

Go to to learn about the art of Veronica Anderson, visionary architect and ensoulment coach.

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