Architects, a Call to Action.

We need to start building a future lived in love, now.

Conscious of our role as stewards of a unique and precious planet, our actions must be motivated by a love of life, and at the very lease a respect for survival. In the future, cities will produce energy instead of consume it, emit clean air instead of pollute it, use recycled materials, consume less electricity, and best of all, cities will treat waste instead of creating it.

If this sounds idealistic, ask yourself why.

These are all things we already know how to do with our buildings, infrastructure, and public spaces. Seriously, I have two professional degrees in all of it. We already have the technology to live in these fantastic cities, all that remains is to ask ourselves when the designers and politicians with the power to create them will choose to step up and raise their voices.

Architects have the knowledge and skills to design spaces at all scales and the responsibility to use those skills for the greater good. They also have the authority to make decision-makers listen to reason.

Read more in my mission.

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